segunda-feira, março 01, 2010


The Farewell
If all your pages opened.
Should look at the roses fallen ...
While mask of thorns will not go away in the face.
I refreshed every root, heartbreak to heart.
The Minto uncertain, mute the fatal kiss ...
There's your love, I fear contentment.

If all your pages opened.
That would give the breath of life ...
Whom the change and in the shadows.
Daria the arc of the moon, which would look at the colors.
In sure your, heart pray, ...
But, the uncertainty of tears virgins.
Just know that your existence spike pages.

If all your pages opened.
Should be listening to books written ...
And you will be free with steady hands in the name.
Who your eyes flutter, virgin love playing.
And with lips ready, I always ACAMO in despair.

If all your pages opened.
Do not purged in the pursuit of your hiding place.
Of course, before the spring and petals that had been worth ...
Written estimate as to dream!
And at the heart full, he lacked nothing.
And love about wine curtirão, will the gods.
What love can give you ...
The day he takes as a farewell.


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