segunda-feira, fevereiro 08, 2010


I'm in this battle since 1994 and I understand these poems around 1999.
... Although these writings were confident to me, being related metaphors illogically.
Immaturity opposed to the wedge and the greatness work. in 2000, the resumption of the writings greatly facilitated, and was represante difficulties in confrotar me with the book. And here I am, in 2009, at the end of the work as expected, a further clarification 'that'.
I'd rather not comment, but I consider myself a writer, with straightening of walking dream that I am suspicious. Understood as Sagittarius, November 25, 1963, born on 1st honors morning. And with that definition God, our Lord is still there.
I wish this writing, were repaired with good sense regardless of the imaginary to emphasize each page to be obdigado. No wonder in its review it in the contrast of pure decadence that reality will be the last days.
This context facilitated the extract parasites of the mind, the little bit of the world that we are. There are the thinkers of opinions it will follow each other's way, that contradict the laity. You only get the stories of spiritual and untrue, stories! always offer admission to chance.
This is my 1st time to disseminate the writings parallel. And I hope that reflect each stanza - seek to taste the best understanding possible, and I'll be satisfied with the whole. Are quotations and poems with love and meaningful moments, almost small truths in black and white.

FYI: Grateful for the choice. M, IX


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